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What are the problems you should pay attention to when purchasing digital photo frames?

1. Screen size and aspect ratio
The most important part of the digital photo frame is the screen. The first thing you should pay attention to about the screen is the display size. At present, the size of digital photo frames on the market ranges from 6 inches, 7 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches… to 15 inches. You can choose according to the place you set up and different needs.
The aspect ratio of the screen directly affects the display effect of the photo. If the aspect ratio of the photo does not match the aspect ratio of the digital photo frame screen, the digital photo frame will only display the image of the matching part of the photo and the screen, or it will automatically stretch the photo to fit the screen. At this time, the image will have a certain degree of deformation. At present, the mainstream aspect ratio in digital photo frames is 4:3 and 16:9. Now many digital cameras can choose to take 4:3 or 16:9 photos. It is recommended to choose a photo frame with the appropriate display ratio according to the photo taking habits, or cut the photos according to the size through software such as PS and then put them into the digital photo frame.

2. Resolution, contrast and brightness
The image effect displayed by digital photo frame is also mainly determined by resolution, contrast, brightness and other factors. Resolution is the most basic point for us to measure the image display clarity. The higher the resolution, the richer the details and clearer the effect; The greater the contrast ratio, the richer the color representation, and the brighter the picture; The higher the brightness, the clearer the image display effect and the more details you can see. It should also be noted that the brightness should be automatically adjusted. Because this function will improve the image display effect of the digital photo frame under different lighting conditions.

3. Related hardware and software
In terms of hardware, in addition to the basic factors such as screen size, resolution, built-in memory, number of card readers, and remote control, we also need to know whether the product has built-in batteries, whether it provides a bracket that can change the angle, whether it supports USB device expansion, whether it has built-in wireless network, whether it has built-in direction sensors, optical chips, and other options.
In the software function part, you need to consider whether the digital photo frame can support the playback of audio and video files, the supported picture format, picture compatibility and other factors when purchasing.

4. Photo editing function cannot be ignored
When purchasing a digital photo frame, you should pay attention to whether it has editing function. As a digital photo frame, playing photos is the basic function. Now most electronic photo frames have multiple functions, such as music, video screen, calendar, clock, etc. But there is another important but easily overlooked function – photo editing. The camera may be placed at any angle when taking pictures, so the pictures played will also be positive, negative, left and right, which is not convenient for viewing. At this time, we need the digital photo frame to have the functions of rotating photos and saving edited photos. When purchasing, we need to pay attention to whether it has these implicit functions.

5. Convenience of operation
The operation interface has a great impact on the use, and the most important thing is the usability of the product. It includes whether the operation interface is friendly and easy to operate, whether the appearance design is excellent, whether the display effect is good, whether the automatic switch on function is available, etc. This part is related to the satisfaction of daily use, so in addition to the hardware, it should also take into account the performance related to usability

Post time: Jun-27-2022